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Meet the superhero of Injection mortars FIS V Plus

Meet the superhero of Injection mortars FIS V Plus

FIS V Plus - Powerful universal mortar for concrete and masonry Construction professionals always face a variety of challenges, one such is the need for an injection mortar that suits all applications with better structural longevity. Fischer has acknowledged this fact and through rigorous research and development, engineered its brand new solution – the next gen FIS V Plus injection mortar. Constructors often deal with a situation where the longevity of their finished product would be questioned. Especially when the stakes are high – fly-overs, multi-storeyed buildings, tech-parks etc. Longevity might also be a major clause in the contractual agreements with their clients. Besides, long lasting structures would only lead to creation of a reputed profile for the constructors in the business. In such scenarios, it only makes perfect sense to place their trust and faith on long-lasting products like the FIS V Plus which offers maximum possible service life. It provides an assurance of 100 years of safety and stability! Talking about safety aspects, the product is also fire resistant which boosts the confidence the client has on the constructor. Environmental conditions play a major role in the progress of a project. Conditions could be harsh and when it is so, one might wonder if the construction materials in their hand would be trustworthy and tough enough to deliver top class work. This is where a product like the sturdy FIS V Plus comes in handy. It works marvellously even in water-filled drill holes, thus enabling a wide range of applications. fischer provides a wide array of system accessories to be used in conjunction with the FIS V Plus family for a secure hold. A large selection of suitable system components provides a broad range of possible applications. Some of these accessories are:

  • Threaded Anchor rods (FIS A and RG M)
  • Internal threaded rods (RG M I)
  • Anchor sleeves
  • Shear connector
  • Rebar anchors
  Now that accessories have been discussed, how and where does one use them along with FIS V Plus. The answer is applications.:-
  • Cracked and non-cracked concrete – Anchor rod FIS A or RGM, Internal threaded rod RG M I, rebar anchors FRA.
  • Solid masonry and aerated concrete - Anchor rod FIS A or RGM, Internal threaded anchor
  • Perforated brick masonry (In various perforated bricks, such as vertically perforated bricks, sand-lime bricks, hollow bricks and many more) - Anchor rod FIS A or RGM, Internal threaded anchor or Anchor sleeve.
Special applications are fischer’s strength. Some of them are:
  • Post-installed rebar connections
  • Remedial wall tie VBS 8
  • Weather facing reconstruction system FWS II
  • Stand-off installation system Thermax 12/16
The FIS V Plus is the leader of the pack when it comes to Injection mortars. It is the one stop solution for all needs – be it cracked or non-cracked concrete, masonry or special applications. It is also suitable for post-installed rebar connections, water-filled drill holes and seismic applications. It also offers safety when working with low edge and axial spacing. The highlight of FIS V Plus is that it increases the bond strength in concrete by up to 15%! With its continued innovations fischer has delivered world class products for use in the construction industry in the Hybrid version, FIS V Plus. It comes with 100 years’ service life, Suitability to use in almost all the substrates, water filled holes as well and stronger bond strength which benefits the craftsmen and thereby end users.   FIS V Plus 360 S is also available in Bucket of 20 nos.

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